OGCW Ministries
" Truly Setting The Captives Free"

Approximately 5 years ago Abba Father impressed upon my heart that there was a need to return unto His Ways, for we have forgotten His Truths and established our own (Romans 10:1-3). We have this zeal, but it is not after His True Knowledge. We have become fat in our own thinking and have adopted the knowledge of men and what is popular. We have put aside the weightier things of His Word and Teaching Principles that were exemplified at Sinai. We do not have a clear understanding of His Word because it has been polluted by the teaching of many for fame and fortune.(Jeremiah 5:31, 2 Timothy 4:2-4, 2 Timothy 3:7)

He warns the prophet in Ezekiel 3:17-21. It is easy after a period of time to get slack and callous about the things of Elohim when we live in a time of prosperity and everything is handed to us. We do not have to preach so hard and beg to be heard when our pockets are not empty and we do not have to beg for money to get to the next destination as when we were not well known, when people would not give us a second glance, but would write us off as fools. (1 Corinthians 4:9-13) We have forgotten that this Race is continual and there is no “Time for Pleasure” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Many have started This Race and like the seed that fell among the thorns,(Matthew 13:22), they have been deceived by the Things of this World. They have started, but have either slowed down or stopped all together. They are living off “Residual Holiness”(Revelation 3:1-3). He warns the Prophet (Ezekiel 2:7-8), you cannot be like the people I send you to; you cannot entertain or co-mingle with them, because they have forgotten “Me”. You need to bring them back to “Remembrance of Me”. They used to know “Me” or at least the “Miracles” that I did for them. (Psalm 107:1-13) They don’t know his “Voice” anymore as Yeshua (Jesus Christ) says (John 10:4-5). We don’t know what is right to say or do because we have so many voices out there , but He warns us out of Deuteronomy (Devarim) 6:4-17 especially verses 10-12.

It is with this is mind that He said to ”Remind Them”. It is a “Ministry of Remembrance”. We have forgotten from whence we have come and what we have been delivered from, so Abba has commissioned me to “Remind Them and Not Forget” who they are and “Who” they belong to.

We have been in “Babylon” too long. We smell of the stinch  of lies, deceit, lustful living, compromise, and instability. We are “polluted and contaminated” by the very “Land” in which we exist. Both Jew (Israeli) and Gentiles (Church), smell the same and we cannot tell who is Holy, (Chadosh) Kedosh,  and who is not, just by looking. We wear different garments, take Mikvehs, but we still stink. We have allowed “Pollution in YHWH’s Sanctuary” (Ezekiel 22:25-29), and we are caught with our “Hands in the cookie jar” (Ezekiel 8:1-18), and we act as though there is nothing wrong with us (Sheep who are dumb, who need their legs broken, so they cannot get into more wrong  “Sin”), ( Ezekiel 22:4-13). Galations 6:7  warns us that there is a time of retribution. Therefore He says “Warn Them and Wake Them out of Sleep”, for their Salvation is nearer than when they first believed.

OnGoingCall of the Watchman(OGCW) Ministries was set apart  for such a time as this, to “Warn” and to “Wake Up”, to Remind Men of the “Blessings (Deuteronomy 28:1-14) and the “Curses” are not of men, but are of YHWH (Adonai) Devarim (Deuteronomy 30:19,20) Deuteronomy 28:58, Deu. 28:15-68.

Jew(Israeli) or Gentile (Church) does not escape 1 Peter 4:16-17 Revelation 20:10-15. The enemy is advancing and we do not have time to rest, or the casualties will be great. “Let us continue to Warn and to wake up, “Sound The Alarm”          

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